Solving Foot Problems

For Suitable Sock Type Suitable Socks
Mens Ladies
Cold Feet Thick Socks, Wool Socks, Terry Socks , 01C, 03C, 11H, 12C, 20C, 28B, 32C, 45C, 46C, 49C, 87C, XHF , 01C, 03C, 20C, 28B, 41C, 49C, 87C, XHF
Fashionable Feet Light Weight, Sheer Fitting, plain/patterned , 15C, 29C, 51C, 57C, 62C, 85C, 86C 51C, 57A, 57C, 83C, 85C
Healthy Feet No Elastic Top Health Socks 12C, 20C, 31F, 45C, 46C, 49C, 51C, 59C, 62C, 67C, 69C, 85C, 86C, 87C 41C, 47A, 49C, 50C, 51C, 55C, 57C, 83C, 85C, 87C
Hot Feet Cotton Socks, Thin Socks 15C, 29C, 51C, 57C, 59C, 85C, 86C 50C, 51C, 53B, 57A, 83C, 85C
Working Feet Heavy-knit Wool Blend and Cotton Blend 20C, 22C, 22H, 32C, XHF 20C, 22C, XHF
Sensitive Feet Cushion Sole Socks 45C, 49C, 55C, 87C 49C, 55C, 87C
Sensitive Legs Low Leg and Foot Pressure Socks 31F, 45C, 62C, 67C, 69C 41C, 49C, 55C
Smelly Feet High Wool or Cotton content socks 12C, 46C, 49C, 55C, 59C, 87C 41C, 49C, 50C, 55C
Large Feet King Size, Large Size All men's styles available in King Size. Ladies 8-11 selected colours in styles, 50C, 51C, 83C, 85C